Innovation Radar

Innovation Radar” is the European Union program identifying not only high potential innovations but also innovators in the EU-funded research and innovation projects. When we were invited to “Innovation Radar”, there were only 36 projects with background in Poland (including the one of ours listed as “EXCELLENT SCIENCE INNOVATION”).


What we do over there? We deal with a very big market of local public transport in the European Union. It’s usually over 300 million passengers a day. Our strategic goal is to build very simple visual communication system facilitating the use of local public transport in Europe, capable to overcome users’ cultural and language barriers.


It means we do interesting SmartCity things according to cognitive science and we do them very well. We were even invited – as the only higher education institution – to tell about it during “London Tech Week”.


Our innovation was assessed by the JRC’s Market Creation Potential indicator framework as: BUSINESS READY. We are addressing real-world needs of existing markets and customers, in fact. What’s also interesting, women play crucial roles in developing our project. or more details about it, don’t hesitate to contact:


Roman Mazur, MBA
Strategic Development Director