The Department of Pedagogy and Media Culture brings together a team of experts who are committed to developing interdisciplinary studies and practices in the field of education and media culture. Our activities are characterized by intensive research on the impact of the digital world on educational processes, which translates into innovative approaches in teaching and learning.

In terms of our research, we focus on a variety of topics, including:

  • Exploring integrated learning theories that adapt to changing digital environments.
  • Analyzing the role of digital technologies such as virtual and augmented reality in the educational context.
  • Researching the impact of digital media on cognitive and emotional processes in education.
  • • Development of innovative teaching methods using modern technologies, including artificial intelligence.

Our team actively employs both quantitative and qualitative approaches in research, enabling a deep understanding and analysis of educational and media phenomena in their broad context. The aim of our activity is not only the development of educational theories and methods, but also their practical application in order to improve the quality and accessibility of education at various levels and in various environments.

Through our research and activities, the Department of Pedagogy and Media Culture strives to create more effective, accessible and inclusive educational systems that respond to the challenges and needs of the modern digital society.