Organized annually in June, the Conference of Young Researchers is a prestigious scientific event distinguished by its rich and diverse research topics. Each edition of the conference focuses on a different scientific area, providing an interdisciplinary forum for research and discussion on a wide range of topics – from education to advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence.

In previous years, the conference covered topics such as “Artificial intelligence in science and art” (2023), “Man and the challenges of the modern world” (2022), “Man and technologies” (2021), “Educational aspects of imaging technology” (2020) and “Transfer spaces and human mobility management” (2019).

Participation in the Conference is a unique opportunity for young scientists to present their work, exchange knowledge and build a network of cooperation with experienced researchers from various disciplines.

The conference promotes the integration of theoretical and practical aspects of science, becoming a platform for new ideas and innovative approaches. It opens wide perspectives for research in various scientific areas. It enables presentations in Polish and English, accepting submissions of speeches, research reports and posters.

Details about the topics, schedule and procedure for submitting works are available in the attached document. We encourage you to read the full agenda and opportunities to participate in the next event.