About the Conference

The International Interdisciplinary Academic Conference is directed especially to researchers beginning their academic careers. It is organised by doctoral students from the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Programmeat the Polish University in London (PUNO).

As a regular event, it enables young researchers both to present the progress of their research and to participate in the organisation of conferences, as well as to acquire necessary skills.

An important element of these meetings is the exchange of experience with academic researchers representing various fields and academic disciplines. This allows participants to look at the proposed conference topics from different perspectives. Interdisciplinarity becomes an inspiration for critical thinking, assists in the verification of research results and offers the opportunity to explore research areas outside one’s own research fields.

Every year the June Conference also invites researchers and PhD students from all over the world. It integrates the academic community, striving to create a platform of cooperation for interdisciplinary research teams, whose aim is the international exchange of experiences and further development of their research. A fixed element of post-conference events is the preparation of a publication, most often within the activities of the academic publishing house PUNO Press, but also reflecting publishing declarations of conference co-organisers.

In previous years, the following topics were proposed for the June Conference:

  • Human and Technologies (2021)
  • Educational Aspects of Technologies of Imaging in the Perspective of Visual Literacy (2020)