Feel free to join our next Polish Culture Course’sonline meeting on Wednesday – 11 May 2022, at 6pm in London (7pm in Warsaw). It’s another event we carry out as a part of the seminar cycle called:

THEY are gone, the WORD is left…

It’s a commemoration meeting relating to unforgettable authors of the Polish literature in exile, who were active after the end of WW2. We’ll be able to share our memories and impressions deeply recorded in our minds and souls with all those hours and days we used to spend with such great poets as for instance: J. Pietrkiewicz, M. Paszkiewicz, K. Bednarczyk, K. Zbyszewski, B. Taborski. This invitation has been delivered to you on behalf of:

H.M. Rector of PUNO – prof. Włodzimierz Mier-Jędrzejowicz

Dean of the Faculty of Humanities of PUNO– prof. Ewa Lewandowska-Tarasiuk

Chair of the Union of Polish Writers Abroad – Regina Wasiak-Taylor.

LINK to ZOOM meeting: here…