Dorota Hrycak-Krzyzanowska, Head of the Polish Language and Culture Unit, in co-operation with the Department of Social Sciences, invites to a series of webinars responding to requests of parents and teachers related to the war in Ukraine.

Webinars, carried out by psychologists and therapists – with the Head of the Applied Psychology Unit, Adriana Gorka, will be held on ZOOM® platform from 20.00 to 21.00 GMT on the following days: 09/03/2022 (Wednesday), 17/03/2022 (Thursday), 23/03/2022 (Wednesday).

We will talk about what kind of psychosomatic reactions can appear, how to cope with raising emotions, how to answer hard questions, what rules can we provide to parents and teachers, and how to adapt messages to children (in their young minds prism), as well as what should we avoid.
LINK to all meetings: