June Conference 2022 PUNO
IV International Interdiciplinary Academic Conference
“Human beings and the challenges of the contemporary world”


Posters will be presented online and on WWW.
  • image layout: landscape,
  • size: ratio 16×9 (1920 x 1024 pixels) or its multiply
  • image format: jpg, jpeg, png,
  • base, background- one of ready templates (attached below),
  • font: any chosen but readable,
  • font colour: white or black, background dependant,
  • font size: adjusted to needs,
  • amount of columns: 1, 2 or 3,
  • Amount of images per poster: max 3 per presenter,
  • language: polish or english,
  • Illustrations: max 25% of column area,
  • due date: 31.05.2022,
  • please send your posters to e-mail: konferencja.czerwcowa@puno.ac.uk.