Africa Studies Unit

Dr Teresa Folga-Naidoo

Dr Teresa Folga-Naidoo

    • Deputy Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences
    • Head of the African Studies Unit

Doctor of Humanities (history). Lecturer and researcher in contemporary history and culture, historical anthropology and social history. Areas of academic interest: cultural history, multiculturalism, ethnicity, race, cultural heritage of humanity in the African regions, with main focus on the social issues of West Africa and Indian diaspora in South Africa. Africa. Partaker in the projects lead by World Institute of Safe and Ethical AI ( Active participant and organiser of the scientific events; conferences, symposiums, workshops. Author of articles published in academic and popular science journals on World War II, emigration, history of African societies, and multiculturalism.

“While visiting Africa, I find myself flabbergasted with the continent, and I am not talking about the breathtaking beauty of nature, but I am particularly referring to the African people, their customs, diverse culture and cordiality.”

Roman Mazur

Roman Mazur, MBA

    • Director for PUNO’s Strategy & Development

Advisor in inclusive, safe and ethical Artificial Intelligence solutions for emerging and developing economies of Africa. Research focused on the future relations between the EU and African Union in prism of the strategic development of labour and education markets (incl. advisory to the European Innovation Council). Member of the Royal African Society, Africa Programme of the Chatham House and Kenyan Society in the UK. Leading inclusion and equality projects: MimiKazi (SDG8 for SDG1), StorkSchool (SDG4 for SDG1), Floor4Africa (SDG3 for SDG1). Passionate about diversity in EdTech academic startups. Fan of Sade. Fan of Sade.

sheka tarawalie

Hon, Sheka Tarawalie

    • Junior Researcher

Having been a journalist in Africa for decades, thereafter working with the Government of Sierra Leone (starting as Press Secretary to the President); and having sampled the African Diaspora experiment; and having transitioned to an author (a non-fiction work): ‘Pope Francis, Politics and the Mabanta Boy’, that was published by Troubador UK in 2019, (available here: and ) while next novel ‘Lovebird Escapes’ is scheduled to be published in 2022); Having explored teaching before now, entering into the field of academia at the Africa Studies Unit of the Polish University Abroad (PUNO) is a wonderful culmination to research and impart knowledge about the African continent in tandem with the rest of the world.

“I believe in personal dedication and collaborative teamwork , using all available tools to deliver and change the African narrative for the betterment of humanity.”

Anna Watola

Dr Anna Watoła

    • Assistant professor

Doctor of Humanities (Pedagogy) Assistant professor at the University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland. Head of the Postgraduate Qualification Studies in Early School Education and Pre-School Education. Partner and coordinator of many international academic and research projects carried out in Europe, Asia and Africa. Member of the Founding Chapter of the Children’s University of Silesia. Author of many scientific publications in the field of early education and the use of ICT in the teaching process – learning and managing over educational institutions. Research interests relating to the process of educating students of Pedagogy for the pre-school and early education (with the use of ICT in the process of teaching-learning and management in education). A special area of research and teaching is cooperation with academic centres in Kenya and active participation in shaping the culture of school and university education in African countries – Kenya, Tanzania. Organiser and participant of many educational initiatives and conferences in Africa.

Eric Tackie Tawiah Ankrah,

Eric Tackie Tawiah Ankrah, BA

    • Junior Researcher

Eric Tackie Tawiah Ankrah, BA in Geography and Resource Development with Sociology from the University of Ghana (2007), Works as Standard & Quality Assurance Officer with the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA). Participant of symposiums, workshops and seminars on tourism, environment and culture. As an accomplished geographer, he uses his skills to conduct research in the identification of possible areas of product development and investments. He markets and promotes tourism and tourist products using social media, exhibitions/fairs, radio and television. He specializes in tour planning and tour guiding to cultural/heritage and ecotourism sites in Ghana.

“I am a passionate and a powerful force in the workplace and I use my positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work smart and succeed.”

He loves sports and like to read, hike and travel.

Ewa Łukaszewicz

mgr inż. Ewa Łukaszewicz

    • Junior Researcher

Ewa Łukaszewicz, MA, graduated from Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Szczecin, with the Master’s degree. After a few years of academic experience at Maritime University of Szczecin she turned to work in the private sector in tourism. She attended post-graduate studies on Culture and Politics in Developing Countries at Polish Academy of Science in Warsaw.

In the years 2000-2015 she was engaged in social and political activities for sustainable development in Poland and in the European Union. As a member of Polish Green Party she was elected as a councillor to the regional council of Zachodniopomorskie for 2010 – 2014, where she was promoting gender democracy and budgeting into local policies. As a politician, an activist and a campaigner, she carried out projects for social rights and gender equity, cooperated with EU Institutions and civic organisations to promote human rights and gender consideration into climate policies.

She works on aspects of gender inequalities, unequal pay, women’s role and inclusion in education system, labour market, decision making process. In the years 2018 – 2020 she was researching some case studies of female work time and value of African countries.

Abiola Seriki

Abiola Serii, BA

    • Junior Researcher

Abiola Seriki is a Nigerian professional in tech and innovations, graduated from the Ibadan University. She’s a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Product Marketing specialist passionate about the growth of sustainable projects across Africa. She is the co-founder and founder of innovative startups. She is also a project manager at “Floor4Africa” impact project and Junior Researcher at PUNO. Her research is focused on Tech & Innovation in Africa.

owolusi lucky

Owolusi Lucky, BA

    • Junior Researcher

Owolusi Lucky is a Nigerian writer, teacher and Project Manager for “Floor4Africa” in rural communities of Nigeria. Graduate of the University of Ilorin, Nigeria. He published in magazines, anthology and journals, including: Noctivagant Press, Crosscurrent, America Diversity Report, Dietmilkmag, Zoetic Press and others. His research relates to vulnerable local community issues in 21st century Africa.

Joyce Kinyanjui

Joyce Kinyanjui, MBA

    • Junior Researcher

Joyce Kinyanjui is a Principal Curator under National Museums of Kenya. She is a holder of Master of Business Administration degree from United States International University. She is also a holder of MSc specialist in community development from the Texas State University, USA. A counsellor under Kenya Counselling and Psychological association and focus on life skill programmes. As a heritage manager with an experience of over twenty years she contributes towards Collections and Exhibitions, staff capacity building, project management, community development, Cultural Festivals, public programs conduct outreach programme with schools and communities and also conduct site conservation and preservation among others. She have a high interest on community development especially in the area of heritage in humanity in East Africa Region focusing on social issues :mental health, history of slavery and diversity of cultural effects. In addition, she serves as member of USIU, ICOM, ANCUM, KCPA, SHRM, FORTE. She is also a project manager for the FLOOR4AFRICA impact project in Kenya.