Teaching Polish Language and Culture Unit

Research: Aspects of teaching Polish as an inherited/second/foreign language online

    An international project involving respondents from most countries where Polish as an Inherited Second/Foreign Language is taught.

    The research has been conducted since February this year by researchers at PUNO, London. The project leader is a PhD student, Dorota Hrycak-Krzyżanowska, MA. More information about the university at: https://puno.ac.uk/

    The project aims to:
    1. analyze the needs of the teacher/learner in teaching Polish language online
    2. determining whether there is a need for new tools supporting online teaching

    The final result of the project will be a publication (monograph), which will include the research results and the resulting recommendations and practical implications. The results and conclusions will also be presented at scientific conferences.

    Link to the survey form (in Polish)